Benefits of Massage for Athletes of All Ages

Published By City Pointe Beauty Academy on 4-28-2023

Many people enjoy massages on a semi-regular basis. While we know they can, in general, provide individuals with less stress, less pain, and better overall health, massage can provide even more benefits for athletes. Improving performance on the field, the court, the diamond, or the lane can be as simple as a general massage, cupping or hot stone massage.

Improve Circulation

Massage is one way in which individuals can improve circulation, but for athletes, proper circulation will impact their ability to perform well on a regular basis. Good circulation helps improve an athlete’s flexibility and range of motion by improving overall muscle function.

Decrease Recovery Time

Especially at high-performance levels, most athletes will experience some muscle soreness after a game, meet, or match. Massage can reduce the impact on muscles by helping to remove metabolic waste, and can even reduce inflammation. Sports massage can also help reduce the recovery time necessary after sustaining an injury by focusing on the injured area.

Prevent and Treat Injuries

Injuries are the worst—they hurt, they impact training, and they can inhibit day-to-day life. Massage, specifically sports massage for athletes, can reduce the risk of injury by conditioning, strengthening, and stabilizing the muscles. After an injury, massage can help the muscles recover by breaking down scar tissue and stretching the muscle safely. Kinesiology taping can be used to stabilize muscles and prevent injury, and it can treat injured muscles by reducing compression and combatting inflammation.

Enhance Performance

The three previously mentioned benefits play into one final perk—performance enhancement. By improving circulation, muscles can develop faster and work harder without fatiguing. Also, by reducing recovery time, the body can bounce back quicker and continue to perform at a high level. Lastly, by preventing injury, an athlete won’t be sidelined and will be able to continue their athletic performance uninterrupted.

The wonders of massage therapy is beneficial for all athletes and non-athletes alike. Call us at 417-673-8828 to schedule a massage today!

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