We love ALL of our students... past, present, and future! See what our graduates have to say about their experience at City Pointe Beauty Academy!

At 23, I was lost in what my future looked like. A commercial came on for City Pointe Beauty Academy and in that moment, I knew I had to go tour. The moment I walked in, it just felt right. I enrolled that same day. CPBA gave me the tools and techniques needed to not only pass state boards, but to also grow my business. Now, as a salon owner, we often hire their graduating students to join our team.

Heather Ward
2010 Cosmetology Graduate

I am honored to have received such a great education through City Pointe Beauty Academy for the Esthetics program! I learned so much during my time there and they prepared me so well for the job I have now. They still make it a point to encourage you in your career even after graduating which makes you feel so special! I’m so thankful for the path I have chosen and the help they have provided me!

Libby Webb
2021 Esthetics Graduate

For years I contemplated learning Massage Therapy.  I didn’t have ANY background in the field of healthcare and I was much older than your typical student. What I DID have was a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.  The educators at City Pointe provided everything I needed to become successful in the field. I currently have the best job in the world! Clients are always happy to see me and I am making a difference in their lives. I am living the dream!

Jayne Bittle
2020 Massage Therapy Graduate

Completely enjoyed my education with City Pointe! They truly prepare you to be a professional within your chosen career path. Completing my Cosmetology and Esthetics training with City Pointe has vastly improved my life, and as a current salon owner, I always look to City Pointe students to find excellent future service providers.

Sarah Severs
2017 Cosmetology & 2019 Esthetics Graduate

I am so honored to have attended City Pointe Beauty Academy! I learned so much during my time there.  The educators and staff really prepared me for the world of Cosmetology after school! I felt more than prepared and very confident to take my state board exams. I would definitely recommend CPBA to anyone wanting to earn a license in esthetics, cosmetology, or massage therapy!

Josie Wilkins
2022 Cosmetology Graduate

I had always been interested in skincare and makeup but in completing the Esthetics program at City Pointe, I found my true passion and purpose in life. Nothing compares to having the ability to make people feel beautiful and gain self-confidence. The education I received was amazing and I will forever be grateful to City Pointe for equipping me for my career.

Melodee West
2018 Esthetics Graduate

City Pointe laid the foundation I needed to build my career.  They nurtured my artistic side and prepared me for real salon life.  Eleven years later… I still love this industry!

Shawn Phillips
2012 Cosmetology Graduate

I loved my experience at City Pointe Beauty Academy! I’m so grateful they laid the foundation to give me the tools on how to build a successful business for myself.

Justin Pierson
2010 Cosmetology Graduate

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