How to Make Makeup Sweat Proof: 3 Sweat-Proof Makeup Hacks

Published By City Pointe Beauty Academy on 8-28-2023

There’s nothing worse than feeling your makeup run on a hot or humid day. Instead of spending your day stressing about the condition of your makeup, be proactive. Taking steps to protect your look can help you enjoy your day while keeping your look. Our 3 makeup tips for high humidity include:

    • Starting with Oil-free Primer
    • Switching to a Matte Foundation
    • Using Translucent Setting Powder or a Setting Spray

Starting with Oil-free Primer

While the primer isn’t technically makeup, your skincare can have a dramatic effect on your makeup. With the summer heat and our skin producing oil, experts recommend using an oil-free moisturizer and primer for cleansing. This is a preventative measure to keep makeup from settling into pores and creases. Essentially, it helps smooth your facial texture out to create an even canvas on which to apply makeup. It’s especially useful for eyeshadow application to help improve the makeup duration without needing reapplication.

Switching to a Matte Foundation

Another way to help combat oiliness is to use a “matte” foundation instead of foundation that improves “radiance”. The summer humidity will create a “shiny glow” naturally. So any “luminous” foundations will go overboard and create a very sweaty look and feeling.

Using Translucent Setting Powder or a Setting Spray

Once your look is complete and you’re ready to take on the day, there’s one last step to keep it in place. Applying a translucent setting powder or setting spray is one of the best ways to fight against sweat. Any areas that are prone to sweating or looking oily will greatly improve with a translucent powder or setting spray. A high quality setting spray will lock in your makeup application while looking natural. Just be sure to mist your face with the spray about an arm’s length away and not too close to your face.

Additional Sweat-Proof Makeup Hacks

    • Water-resistant Makeup Products: Additional steps for you to combat sweating and smearing makeup is to use waterproof products. Both water-resistant mascara and eyeliner products are common waterproof makeup products people use to improve all-day wearability. 
    • Less is Better: Letting your skin breathe with light layers of makeup in the summer helps to reduce the stickiness feeling on days with high humidity.
    • Drink lots of water: Drinking water helps the body regulate temperature and sweat less!

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