Humidity Hair Hacks to Keep You Frizz Free This Spring

Published By City Pointe Beauty Academy on 4-28-2023

As the weather gets warmer, we all experience the unfortunate phenomenon which causes frizzy hair: Humidity. From flyaways to puffiness, frizzy hair can sometimes feel like it’s out of your control.

Why does humidity make hair frizzy? Frizziness is caused by dry, porous hair sucking up moisture from the humid air which then causes it to swell and kink. What’s the best way to prevent your hair from acting like a sponge? Lets discuss how to stop curly hair from frizzing with these humidity hair hacks as a good starting point:

Use a Satin Pillowcase

Care for your hair while you sleep! The friction from cotton pillowcases can cause hair damage and breakage, as cotton absorbs your hair’s natural oils. This spring, swap out those old pillowcases for some luxurious silk ones! Silk retains the moisture that cotton soaks up, leaving your hair silky smooth. Bonus, this material reduces friction and hair breakage.

Finish Your Shower With a Blast of Cold Water

It doesn’t sound too appealing, but turning up the cold at the end of your shower can help prevent frizz. The same way it closes your pores, cold water helps close the cuticles of your strands. This will also help to retain your hair’s natural moisture.

Don’t Brush Your Curls

Unfortunately, curly hair breaks easily. Instead of using a regular hairbrush, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle and prevent damage to your mane. This will also help to preserve the natural look of your curls!

Use Products Designed to Fight Frizz

Tired of trying every “frizz defying” product in the book? Luckily Redken has recently reformulated and relaunched its amazing Frizz Dismiss Collection; the last frizz products you’ll ever buy. This collection is there for you every step of your hair care journey. From a hydrating and smoothing shampoo and conditioner combo to anti-frizz finishing sheets, your hair will be manageable all season long. What about those pesky fly aways? Redken’s already ahead of you with a lightweight smoothing lotion spray. It’s even small enough to fit in your purse! The best part is that Redken’s Frizz Dismiss collection is available for purchase in our salon.

We can’t wait to see you tame that mane and show off your sleek curls this season. Interested in finding out more about how you can protect your hair despite the humidity? Visit us online, call us at (417) 673-8822, or visit our salon today!

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