The Nail Shape Guide: Finding the Perfect Nail Shape for You

Published By City Pointe Beauty Academy on 7-10-2023

What Your Nail Shape Says About You 

Our personality is expressed in many different ways, one of those is actually how we style our nails. Those who receive regular nail services know that nothing quite beats the way a new manicure and nail style feels. The best part about styling your nails is that there are an incredible amount of options to choose from:

    • Colors
    • Nail art
    • Acrylic, gels, dip polish
    • Nail shape

With all the choices available, you can find a way to express yourself in a way that is uniquely you. Nail shape is one of the most important nail design features. From bold and daring almond shaped nails that make a statement to laid back and practical round nails, the shape can really say a lot about your personality and lifestyle. But how do you know which nail shape suits you best? Here is our guide on common nail shape designs.

Different Nail Shapes

The purpose of any nail service is to enhance the appearance of the hands and nails. Part of this process involves filing to shape the nails. There are five basic nail shapes: Square, Squoval, Oval, Round, and Pointed. There are also a few trendy shape styles that have gained increasing popularity over the years, like Coffin. Each style has its own characteristics. Read on to discover the styles and what they say about you!


Square Nail Shape


This is a classic nail shape that has stood the test of time, often associated with very feminine characteristics.  Square nails are filed straight across the free edge and squared at the corners, giving you full width at the tip of the nail to provide sturdiness. However, this shape is also susceptible to breaks at the corners as square nails can often catch on clothing and other fabrics.

Oval Nail Shape


This shape tends to provide a longer-lasting manicure with fewer breaks. Oval nails are tapered and rounded at the tips. This style is typically worn in a longer nail length.

Squoval Nail Shape


Obviously a combination of Square and Oval, Squoval nail shapes are typically kept shorter. The free edge of the nail is filed straight across, but rounded at the corners. This creates a sturdy edge AND reduces snagging that can cause breaks! This shape is ideal for active individuals.

Round Nail Type


A round nail shape tends to be the best fit for "natural-looking" nails.  These are similar to Oval shapes, but only slightly tapered and rounded at the tip. Round nails are typically worn shorter and are a classic shape for most men or individuals with manual labor occupations.

Almond Nail Shape


Pointed nails are a trendier, more stylistic option. Almond shapes fall under the Pointed category, and are most often worn in a longer length. The nail is tapered more dramatically to a slightly rounded tip, which makes this shape highly prone to breaking.

Coffin Nail Shape


This fun shape is a category all on its own. You often see Coffin-shaped nails associated with bright nail color/design and maybe even an accessory or two, like gems and studs. Typically filed to a very long length, Coffin nails are a unique combination of Square and Pointed nails.

What Nail Shape Should I Get? 

The simplest way to determine the ideal nail shape for your hand? Follow the shape of your cuticles!  It is also important to consider your occupation, daily activities and hobbies when choosing a nail shape. With all the different options, we know it can be an overwhelming decision. At City Pointe Beauty Academy, our students are there to assist you on your creative nail journey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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