Top 4 Tips for Healthy Hair After Swimming

Published By City Pointe Beauty Academy on 6-1-2019

Summer is coming up, and for a lot of us, that means making a splash in the pool! If you’re a summer water bug, it’s important to make sure that you are protecting your hair from chlorine and other pool chemicals.

Before swimming, you can put your hair in braids to keep it tangle-free, rinse your hair with fresh water so it won’t fully absorb the chemicals, or just get yourself a cute swim cap so your hair won’t even get wet! However, what do you do after you hop out of the pool?

Tip #1: Rinse and Repeat

The moment that you’re out of the water, give your hair a good freshwater rinse! Don’t let the chlorine have a chance to settle in, especially when you’re out in the sun. Rinse again when you’re home to make sure those chemicals are all gone!

Tip #2: Use Leave-In Conditioner

There are many great options out there, so applying one right after your swim will let the product work its magic and start healing your hair before the chlorine can do any damage. It’ll also help your hair smell great so that you’re not carrying the pool smell with you for the rest of the day!

Tip #3: Detangle With a Wide Tooth Comb

It’s no secret that brushing or combing wet hair can be damaging to your luscious locks. A wide tooth comb can save you from any potential breakage while getting those pesky knots out, among other great benefits!

Tip #4: Clarifying Shampoo or Rinse

Once a week, whether you’re swimming or not, it’s great to give your hair a deep cleanse. Your tresses will look and feel so much better once you’re done! Give us a call and ask about our products for deep cleansing!

Keep up the routine with these great tips all summer, and make your appointments to get your hair pampered with us! We can help you get that beautiful shine back with masks and deep conditioning treatments right here in our salon. Call 417-673-8828 or book online for your appointment today!

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