3 Core Reasons Why You Need a Massage Today

Published By City Pointe Beauty Academy on 6-8-2023

Why do Massages Feel Good?

As there is so much to do in our daily lives, we rarely stop to take in the condition of our body. The body’s muscles can gradually accumulate tension, sometimes without noticeable changes until the muscle is relaxed. Massage therapy provides a way to unwind and completely focus on being in the moment of relaxation. Furthermore, there are many incredible benefits that can lead to people using massages as an essential part of their health and well-being.    

3 Core Reasons To Get A Massage

Release Muscle Tension and Ease Pain: 

Tight muscles are uncomfortable, even to the point of being painful, and are a hindrance to everyday activities. Instead of sleeping it off or taking a pain reliever, schedule for a massage. Relaxing the muscles could not only help to ease aches, it will also help enhance flexibility and range of motion. Massage can even affect standing/sitting postures by giving the freedom of movement to stand or sit straighter. 

Boost Your Body’s Natural Restorative Process:  

As spring and summer encourage changes to our routine, many increase their activity levels with workout routines or participation in sports. These types of activities often are accompanied by the familiar soreness and stiff muscles or the risk of injury. Improving blood circulation is beneficial to the body’s response for healing and strengthening muscles. Additionally, improving blood circulation is one of the benefits of a massage! Massage relaxes muscles that are causing pain, such as a common headache. While there are several factors that can induce a headache, the most common cause is neck/shoulder muscle tension.

Strengthen Your Mental Wellbeing: 

Studies show receiving a sufficient number of hours of sleep each night is very effective for decreasing stress and anxiety levels. Lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormone levels can also be achieved by relaxing with a massage!  Regardless if you have a first date, a job interview, or a big game, a massage helps to release tension from your body and your mind. 

Sit Back and Relax at City Pointe

If you’ve been looking for a way to soothe your stress and tension, City Pointe Beauty Academy is the place for you! Schedule an appointment with our massage therapy students to feel relaxed inside and out. Our students strive to make our clients feel at ease and comfortable during their session. It’s encouraged to communicate your expectations, intentions, and level of comfort with your massage therapist. Discover how you can enjoy having a massage therapy routine and its benefits!

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